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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tips for Proposing on Valentines Day

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So, you have decided that you are going to pop the big question on this Valentines Day, but bit confused on how to ask it? Well, we are here to advice you with great tips that mostly work when it comes to proposing on Valentines Day. A day meant for lovers, like Valentines Day makes the proposal grand and memorable. So, here are some tips for proposing on Valentines Day.

· An ideal way of proposing your beloved on Valentines Day would be to take her for a romantic dinner and then pop the marriage question. Try to have a romantic setting like a candlelight dinner for proposing on the V-Day.

· Skywriters are a craze among girls to see how much they are loved by their man. In most cases, a guy who proposes a girl by writing the proposal on sky with an air show on the Valentines Day gets a big yes with smile.

· Saying it with flowers never fails on occasions as special as Valentines Day. Take her for a movie and then disappear for a while and then pop the question with a bunch of roses.

· How about a little surprise while proposing on Valentines Day? Try gifting her some fortune cookies and hide a surprise ring and a paper note saying “Will you marry me?’ This trick does works for many lovers for an ultimate love union.

· Get tickets for some outdoor event, as the weather in February is pleasant and proposing amidst nature has its own plus points. It will bring out the real feelings of your beloved on the V-Day.

· If you know that your girlfriend hails from a well-cultured family, then after asking her willingness, ask for her hand in marriage directly from her parents. This will be an appropriate gesture that will be valued by your future in-laws.


Cangiarella said...

Skywriting is really amazing idea but how actually do it I didn't understand.I have another idea to propose a girl If I put my secret message in a bottle it will fantastic and it's unique idea to propose a girl.

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