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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flirting Tips for Girls

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Who says only guys know the art of flirting, even girls these days are mastering the art of flirting. Unlike guys, girls have different yet interesting ways of flirting. In case, you still are unaware of ways of flirting a guy, then read on about some useful tips that might help you to flirt with the guy you dream of.

· Girls you need to give away your shyness and be a bit open to meet new people and also search for true love. This won’t happen sitting at home.

· Show interest when you meet someone interesting. Instead of talking, listen to him and attract him towards you with your speaking eyes.

· Let him know that you are interested in him by taking the first move and the best and the safest way to do is to give a sweet smile.

· Try to give the guy the reason to talk to you. Plan to meet him in a party or picnic and wear something sexy and great so that he can’t resist himself complimenting you.

· Go out of your group to talk to him and also save yourself from the chances of getting rejected in front of the whole group.

· Remember, guys hate girls who shout, instead whisper to be naughty and attract your guy.

· Maintain an eye contact to get his attention. This is the best way of flirting with men in a sincere manner.

· Be a sport and be positive while trying to flirt a guy. Guys like girls who are modern and don’t hesitate in doing the wildest things to impress them.


Adelaine said...

Indeed Flirting Body Language is the most important indicator of how a man feels about you.

Alexander Brayden said...

Establishing physical feel is a great way to flirt with a woman. Thanks for sharing about the flirting tips for girls.

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Adelaine said...

Compliments always mean so much more when they are used sparingly and they seem to actually come from a 'real' place. When most men try and compliment a woman, it comes across as being contrived, all part of a plan to try and win her over. You want it to seem real to her.

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Spells Kings said...

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