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Friday, February 13, 2009

Five Quick Ways to Touch a Woman

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Often men dread touching women whom they love but they stop themselves because of the common perception that women relate touch to sex. However, there is nothing wrong in some casual touching because women won’t mind it. So, here are top five ways to touch a woman quickly.

· Hug: When talking about ways to touch a woman, the first one that a man always dreams of is to hug. Yes, women too love hugging but only those who they like, so it may take time for you to be so close to her that she allows you to hug her. But, if you are her friend, she won’t stop you from hugging her.

· High Five: The second best way to touch a lady in a sensible and friendly manner is giving a high five. Yes, it is an excellent way of touching her with energy and fun. It can be tried at loud environments like a pub, bar or a party.

· Handshake: The safest way to touch a woman quickly is handshake. Whether a professional atmosphere or friendly atmosphere, women won’t mind you touching her while handshaking. Feel the softness of her hand with a gentle handshake.

· Hip Bump: If you are looking to touch her in a fun way then you must be daring enough to go for hip bump. Many women enjoy it while there are some who may get offended when you do it, so choose to do it only after knowing the nature of that particular woman.

· Touching on the Shoulder: Last but the not least way of touching a woman is touching on her shoulder while conversing. Women feel that you agree with them when you touch them lightly on the shoulder while discussing something. So, don’t miss the chance of this touching her on the shoulder.


Adelaine said...

Instead of playing the game and approaching women, they kind of just let it all hang out there. Since they did nothing to escalate things with her, they get those two painful little letters, N-O, way too soon. They didn't even give themselves a fighting chance to get her.

Adelaine said...

Whether it's in the lovelorn way you look at him, the words of need and insecurity you throw at him, or the clinging and possessive way you latch onto him, you need to get a hold of yourself and control the actions you take.

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