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Friday, February 20, 2009

6 Romantic Ways of Dating a Younger Woman

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Many old men aim to date a young lady but not all succeed. Even if they are experienced they fail to ask her out for a date. These days, women don’t pay attention to a man’s age if he is attractive and romantic enough. So, here are some secrets of dating a younger woman that the older men can try.

· The first tip of dating a younger woman is to act like a high status man, as younger woman don’t like dating older man without any status. Moreover, if an old man will have a high status he won’t feel old in himself and will be good to date even a young girl.

· Second way of dating a younger woman is show you attractive personality and qualities. With age comes the experience and you need to show this experience and attractive qualities to a young lady whom you want to date.

· Don’t act old even if you are old, instead tease the woman you meet and want to date. Be entertaining to her and that too in a natural way to grab her attention and then see how she accepts your dating proposal.

· Remember to be in your control while dating a younger woman. Young girls especially like men to control their emotions and feelings. Moreover, being old, they will expect this more from you, so be in control.

· Don’t hurry in touching her and keep yours hands to yourself. Yes, girls especially younger ones would turn you down as soon as you touch them. Reason being they go for a date with you seeing your personality and will be interested in physical intimacy as the last step.

· Wait for her to come to you instead of you going to her. You have already taken thee first step of asking her out for a date. Now, wait and let her approach you, just be attractive and appealing to her.


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