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Saturday, February 7, 2009

5 Traits Boys Look for in a Girlfriend

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Are you worried that like your ex boyfriend, your present boyfriend too will leave you alone? Why to worry, instead read these 5 traits that boys look for in a girlfriend and try to include all of them in yourself and see how irresistible you become for your boyfriend

· She never makes the first move: Guys often observe that the girl never takes the first move. Often women have a tendency to follow their men, but sometimes this irritates men. They in fact sometimes want to follow or to be called instead of following or calling their ladies.

· She has her own life: Guys also watch the personal lifestyle of their girls. They like girls who have their own life and social circle. Men might enjoy seeing that they mean the world for their ladies but this feeling dies soon and they feel that their ladies totally depend on them.

· She is sexy but sensible: Men will go gaga over women whom they find sexy and sensible. They dislike women who destroy their sexiness by making obscene comments. They are turned on by women who use nonsexual touching while dating.

· She does little things to show she cares: Guys can’t stay away from those girls who do little things to show that they care for them. In other words, it’s a sure shot way of impressing a guy by showing care with love. No boy wants an uncaring girl as a love partner.

· She is eager to have sex: Guys also observe the sexual passion in their girls. They like their girls to be eager to have sex with them. In fact, guys are turned on by girls who are more sexual than them and want to experiment and experience sexual fun.

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