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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Romantic Tips for Proposing a Girl

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You are in love with a girl and think its time to propose her, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and express her love and ask her to be with you as a life partner. In short, propose her and if you don’t know the ways to propose her, then have a look at the below-mentioned romantic tips for proposing a girl.

· The most popular way of proposing a girl since ages is by going down on the knees, though an old formula, it does melts the girl’s heart away.

· Another way of proposing a girl of your dreams is to take her for a candlelight dinner and order her favorite dish and arrange to play her favorite music and then express your love, she will find it hard to reject it.

· You can also succeed in getting that yes after a proposal by proposing her without saying anything but getting it written on the sky. This is a popular idea these days but only those who can afford it can go for sky writing for proposal.

· To make it cheap and lovely, prepare her favorite dish yourself at home and then surprise her and express your love with a red rose and a glass of wine with a ring in it.

· You may also try proposing her with a banner that says “I Love You” or “Will You Marry Me” and sticking it outside her home or office. Remember, not to use her name on the banner as this may offend her.

· Proposing on a beach has its own charm, go for it and choose the time of a sun set when the whole ambience will support you in getting her yes.


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cameronsharpe said...

LOVE is TOO STRONG to control your feelings. You may have reasons to engage yourself into a relationship such as this - having a bf or gf older or younger than you are but the thing is, it's all about the commitment and the chemistry of handling a good relationship. These are natural reasons but there's always a deeper basis once you are in that relationship. Just a thought. Thanks for the blog :)


Zoana Fisher said...

Your ideas and tips for proposing a girl is are very impressive and affective.
By applying these tips no girl will say no to any one.

Zoana Fisher

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