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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 Common Mistakes Boys make with Girlfriends

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Dating can be challenging for some men who don’t know how to approach a woman and stay with her. Often in haste, men commit the common mistakes with their girlfriend that instead of attracting her irritates her. So, have a look at some common mistakes that boys make with girlfriends.

· Lack of Confidence: The first and the most common mistake guys do with girlfriends is showing their lack of confidence. Girls go gaga over confident men, so you need to hide your shyness and be open in meeting situations when you are with her. Girls tale pride in having boyfriends who are full of confidence and hate to call unconfident men their boyfriends.

· No Approaching Skills: You must also remember that not showing your great approaching skills is also a mistake that you do with your girlfriend. Girls like men to approach them in nice and elegant way. They simply can’t go with a guy don’t have the guts and the grace to approach her in fanciful ways.

· Weak Character: Another common mistake that boys do with their girlfriends is showing their weak character. Remember, girls always like men of strong character, who can defend themselves as well as them in critical situations. If you too are weak in character and have some weaknesses, try to overcome them to woo your lady and be with her all through life.

. Lying to Women: Last but not the least, men make the mistake of lying to women, that women detects easily. Lying is indeed the quickest and a surest way of breaking up with a girl. Guys think girls can’t detect that they are lying to them, but girls have a sharper sixth sense that tells them that guys are lying and this is then the turning point of a happy relationship into a bad relationship. Avoid telling frequent lies to your girlfriend if you don’t want to break up with her.


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