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Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to Build Sexual Chemistry with a Woman

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Not just Valentines Day but on all occasions guys won’t deny to have a desire to build a sexual chemistry with a woman of their dreams. Then, what goes wrong and men are often turned down or insulted when they approach a woman? Here are some sure-shot ways of building a sexual chemistry with a woman.

· Remember, that every girl has her own likes and dislikes and looks for certain traits in her man. So, first try to inquire what she likes in her man and then pose to have those qualities in yourself to approach her.

· Another good way to build sexual chemistry with a woman is to be near her when she’s tensed. Often, ladies like men consoling them when they are distressed. You may prolong the sexual chemistry by not giving her a solution but building up the tension and with it she will want you more.

· You will never go wrong in building up sexual chemistry with a girl by complimenting her for her assets. Women like genuine compliments, so try to be gentle and give away genuine compliments and see how easily she feels attracted towards you.

· Don’t make a mistake of touching her in haste; she may frown back at you. Instead, remember that slowly and steadily wins the race, especially when it comes to build sexual chemistry with a lady.

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Adelaine said...

But make sure she is looking at you while doing it, otherwise it would mean that she is not interested.

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