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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tips To Maintain Long-Distance Relationship

Tips To Maintain Long-Distance Relationship,How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship,Ways of Keeping Long Distance Relationship Alive

Have your sweetheart went to a place that’s miles away from you and you are struggling to find ways how to maintain your long distance relationship alive? If this is the case, then you probably need to know some tips of keeping the fire alive in your long distance relationship.

· The first tip is to set a clock matching to the time zone of the area where your partner has gone. So, that you know when you will be able to talk to your sweetheart.

· Make sure to have a long distance calling plan from your mobile connection. Without such a plan, calling will appear too expensive and you will try to call less.

· Set a regular time to call to your partner. Even if you are busy try to manage time to call. If you think you won’t be able to call on a particular time, then call a bit early or later, but do call.

· Try to chat with your partner on the net with a webcam. It is a better way, as unlike in letters and emails, you can see each other on the chat even if miles away.

· Plan holidays together, whenever you know your partner is coming home. Don’t cut off yourself properly from the real world when your partner comes, but give him or her most of your time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tips for Flirting Body Language

Tips for Flirting Body Language,Body Languages Signs for Flirting,Best Body Language Flirting Ideas,Flirting Tips and Secrets,How to Flirt using Body Language

Flirting is an art that can be done in various ways and the most significant role played in flirting is by body language. Often we get confused on how to detect that whether a person is trying to flirt with us or not, this is where noticing body language becomes essential. Read on to know about some useful tips for flirting body language.

· Good Listener
The first and the foremost flirting body language tip is to show the person that you are all ears for him or her. In other words, show that you are a good listener. This will make the other person rely on you thinking you are there to listen to her and him.

· Show Eagerness
One of the best flirting body languages is to show eagerness to the other person. You can do this by answering all the questions with enthusiasm and optimistic attitude. Don’t try to talk too much about yourself but show interest in the other person.

· Personal Space
Personal space is the most commonly used flirting body language sign. Just try to keep a track on how he or she is trying to enter in your personal space. If that person is trying too hard to get involved in all your activities, then this does surely means that he or she is trying to get close to you.

· Smile
If you notice your partner smiling at you, go ahead. He or she is ready for your flirting and wants you to flirt and seduce them. Smiling in a way eases off the tension and makes the other person comfortable and confident.

· Crossed Arms
It is commonly known that if your partner is standing or sitting with crossed arms, means he or she is not feeling comfortable in your company. This in fact is a no-no signal for flirting, so stay away when you find your partner with crossed arms.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tips on How to Break Up

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It’s true that breaking up with a lover is not that easy as it may sound. A person goes through a mental a battle whether to go ahead with it or not. Many even fear to tackle the pain of break up and don’t go for it. Here are some tips that may help you go ahead for break up, in case you have made the choice.

· Try not to break up for petty reasons. On and off arguments are common in all love relationships, so don’t simply break up of this reason. Do so only if you think you can’t ever make-up with that person and can’t tolerate his or her way of thinking anymore.

· Then think whether breaking up with him or her will make you happier or not? If it’s the wrong person, then think whether you will be happy in a stable relationship even with a wrong person, if not then go ahead for breakup.

· If you think the break up is inevitable, then prepare for it. Get prepare also for answering many questions that your partner will ask for what wrong went with him or her. At least have a reason to tell that he or she doesn’t bother you again and again asking for reason.

· Once you have broken up with your partner, then don’t haste in dating someone else. Take some time to think what went wrong and what needs to be corrected while you enter in a relationship with someone else.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tips for Writing a Love Letter

Tips for Writing a Love Letter,How to Write Love Letters,Love Letter Secrets,Etiquettes of Writing Love Letters,Best Romantic Love Letters

Your heart beats for that person and you don’t know how to show your feelings to him or her? If this is the case, then only a love letter may come to your rescue. However, to bring out your feelings, you must know some tips for writing a love letter.

Tips for Writing a Love Letter,How to Write Love Letters,Love Letter Secrets,Etiquettes of Writing Love Letters,Best Romantic Love Letters

Your heart beats for that person and you don’t know how to show your feelings to him or her? If this is the case, then only a love letter may come to your rescue. However, to bring out your feelings, you must know some tips for writing a love letter.

· Use Poetry: Your grandparents must have used it and you can also try it to add that personal touch in your love letter by using poetry. Just a couple of poetic lines will make space you straight in his or her heart reading your love letter.

· Personalized Touch: No love letter is complete without a personal touch. You can use beautiful readymade cards but do write letters and feelings in it yourself, don’t try to ask for someone’s help. Even if a piece of paper adorned with love words is given to a person can act as a brilliant love letter.

· Give Gifts: Giving gifts along with a love letter is a great tip for getting successful in love. Try to insert a little small gift, be it a small heart shaped key chain inside the card envelope. This romantic act will show your special way of courting the other person.

· Proper Placement: Last but the most important tip for writing a love letter is the proper placement. You have finally penned down your feelings for her or him but what if those feelings doesn’t reach him or her? So, make sure to leave that love letter in a place where it is surely to be found.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to start a Romantic Conversation

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Many couples while dating each other don’t know how to start a romantic conversation. Whether you believe or not, a romantic conversation kick starts a romantic relationship. So, here are some ways of how to start a romantic conversation.

· Try to rekindle the old flame my sharing memories. You can talk about old and fond memories that you both shared in good times. Take along old pictures and start conversing.

· Be a little innovative and try a romantic conversation. Try to talk about things that you have never talked about. Start with some romantic questionnaires and tests to kick start a romantic conversation.

· Another interesting way to start a romantic conversation is to talk about each other’s dreams and desires. Try asking some fun questions and give fun answers to those questions yourself and see how easily you both carried away in romantic conversation.

· A great way to start a romantic conversation would be to compliment each other or appreciate each other. Telling a girl that she has beautiful hair or eyes is a good romantic conversation starter. Complimenting a boy for his dressing sense is a great way too.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tips for a Passionate French Kiss

Tips for a Passionate French Kiss,How to do a French Kiss,Ways of doing French Kiss,Romantic Ways of French Kissing,French Kissing Tips for Lovers

You might have dreamt of sharing a romantic and passionate French kiss with your lover but stopped yourself thinking how to do it actually. So, we thought of sharing some useful tips for a passionate French kiss.

· The first and the foremost tip for a passionate French kiss is that you need to be well groomed with a proper bath, and brushed teeth, else your partner will dread to kiss you.

· Sit or stand in a comfortable posture so that you enjoy kissing and don’t feel like when it is going to be over. The best way would be to sit side by side on a couch.

· When seated in a comfortable position, hold your lover firmly but not harshly. Try to hold the shoulders or waist and bring her or him close to you.

· When you feel it is the right moment, bring your face towards the face of your partner and avoid hitting the noses. Try to bend your face slightly to avoid hitting the noses.

· First enjoy a passionate lip kiss by closing the eyes, as closing the eyes sets the mood right with sensations.

· Then, try the French kiss by slowly drawing your tongue across your partner’s lips. Once you will do so, your partner will also reciprocate and do the same.

· Remember, that the tongue is very sensitive and therefore you can enjoy a passionate French kiss only through this organ.

· Once you feel tired licking each other’s tongue, try sucking it and gently playing with it. Remember, not to bite it in any case, else you will spoil the kiss.

· Try to enjoy a French kiss by exploring the sensations lightly and not by rounding the tongue over and over again.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Five types of Men that Women Avoid

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Women have their own likings when it comes to choose a man for themselves. They just don’t want a guy who loves them, but a guy who is fully devoted to them. Here is a list of five types of men that women generally avoid dating.

1. Mamma’s Boys: The first sort of guy a girl will always try to avoid is a mamma’s boy. No woman wants to date or love a guy who hasn’t grown up fully and still depends on his mom for everything. Mamma’s boys are usually avoided by women.

2. Womanizer: Womanizer is another kind of a man that a woman generally tends to avoid dating. Though such men look perfect as lovers but in the long run their too much attention also irritates women and they start thinking how to get rid of such a man.

3. Body Builder: It’s true that most of the women get attracted to those men having well built muscular body with six pack abs but the reality changes if those men are too conscious about their body and gyming. Women tend to avoid such men who can give up anything but not their exercising or body building workouts.

4. Workaholic: Women avoid men who are workaholics. They want a man to pay attention towards them and not always busy in his own work. They tend to get pissed off with such workaholic men for whom only work matters most.

5. College Lecturer: This one may sound funny but it’s true that no woman likes dating a college lecturer. Reason is simple enough that they don’t want to listen to his lecturers all throughout the date. The case might be different provided the lecturer is too handsome to resist.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Five types of Women that Men Avoid

Five Types of Women that Men Avoid,Types of Women Men Hate,What Men Want Tips,5 Types of Women Men Avoid,How to Please a Man on Date,Love Romantic Tips,Best Tips for Attracting Men,Dating Advice for Men,Women that Men Hate to Date

It’s not always the girls choice in choosing a boy, even boys have certain parameters to choose a girl. Not all types of girls attract boys, there are certain types of girls that a boy usually avoids. Read on to know five types of women that a man avoid.

1. Over Smart Ladies: Men do like women who have the courage to say what they feel but they tend to avoid those women who are over smart. Women who try to outshine men with their verbal wits often frustrate a man.

2. Extravagant Ladies: Another type of women that men try to avoid are those who try to make the men spend lofty amounts on dates. Men simply hate extravagant women for many reasons.

3. Judgmental Ladies: Men also try to avoid women who think they are always right. In other words, men avoid judgmental ladies who are always ready to judge a person according to their own point of views.

4. Psycho Ladies: Another type of women that men always avoid are psycho women. Which man would like to love a woman who is a psyche? No man wants a lady who is always too emotional about herself, her family or her business. They feel these women are too obsessed with other things.

5. Rebound Ladies: Men like women who do naughty things but they get irritated when the limit goes off and this is the case with rebound ladies. These ladies try to bully men in every possible way that makes men avoid them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips To Escape A Bad Date

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When we plan for a date we never think that it will go bad and we will have to think for some excuses to leave it. But, anything can happen so you should know some useful tips for escaping a bad date.

· The first tip for leaving a bad date would be to sweetly tell him or her that it was nice meeting him or her but you think that he or she is someone’s else’s perfect date and not yours.

· You can also irritate your bad date to leave you on her or his own by talking about your early plans for marriage and kids. This will make her or him quickly leave you.

· Another way of escaping a bad date is to make an excuse to leave. You may try these excuses like your boss is put of town and you need to go for an urgent work. Try to use such an excuse that doesn’t invite your date to accompany you.

· You can also escape your bad date by leaving for restroom. Try this tip only when no other excuse works. Doing this will irritate your date and you will get free of her or him easily.

· A great tip for escaping a bad date is asking your friend to call you at a certain point of time as an emergency call that calls your presence. This way you can leave your bad date instantly.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Romance Enhancers for Honeymoon

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So, you finally, got tied in the nuptial knot and thinking how to make your honeymoon romantic? Aromas, colors, tastes and many other things together can be romantic enhancers for a memorable occasion as honeymoon. Read on to know about some romance enhancers for your honeymoon.

· Aroma Candles: Make the special occasion like honeymoon more special with aroma candles. These candles can convert any room in a love paradise with their aroma and sensual glow.

· Bubble Bath: Just plunge into a bathtub for that closeness with your partner during your honeymoon. In short go for a bubble bath together, a perfect romantic enhancer for newlyweds.

· Massage Lotion: Another romantic enhancer for honeymoon is a massage lotion. Just use it after a bubble bath together with your spouse to see how romantic you feel with the fragrance and soothing massage of this lotion when applied by your partner.

· Lingerie: This is one thing that is not to be missed during honeymoon as a romantic enhancer. Try taking some exotic and stylish lingerie with you for those lovemaking moments, also wear them under your special dresses for dinner.

· Sex Toys: Try to get charged romantically using sex toys during your honeymoon. Don’t forget to remove the batteries before packing for honeymoon else these toys might not work when you will want them to work.

· Erotic Movies: How about watching some erotic movies together to get romantically stimulated? You got it, do carry some erotic movie CDs along for your honeymoon as a romantic enhancer.