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Monday, February 9, 2009

7 Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

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It’s Valentines Day again and you might be looking out for some ways to make it special than the last year with your loved one. So, here we are sharing with you our tried and tested 7 best romantic ideas for Valentines Day.

1. The top most romantic idea for Valentines Day is to write a love poem or note to express your feelings for the loved one and seal it with your love kiss to make him or her feel loved and cared.

2. Second great idea for Valentines Day would be to record a cassette or CD with your love feelings and see how your beloved or lover feels special and loves you.

3. Don’t make your Valentines Day boring, go out for dinner and feel each other looking at each other’s eyes of holding hands.

4. Small things counts on occasions like Valentines Day, so try to do small yet romantic things together like reading together, bathing together or playing games together in each other’s company.

5. Cards can never go wrong when it comes to be romantic on Valentines Day. Choose a card to match your feelings and also add on with your pen to show your partner that how much you love him or her.

6. Whispering in ears has its own romantic charm. Whether it’s plane flirting or romance, indulge in some sort of naughty whispering and see how nicely you spend your evening with your dear one.

7. When proposed by someone expected, don’t overreact. Instead, if you are not interested, be gentle and be his or her friend. Shall, we say what to do when you like the proposal, simply accept it with glee and be in each other’s arms.


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Adelaine said...

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