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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How To Break Up From An Unwanted Girlfriend

Are you sick of your boring girlfriend and really wish to get rid of her as early as possible? Well, we are here to help you out for breakup from an unwanted girlfriend with some easy tips. Just follow the following shortcut tips and ease your life off a pathetic girlfriend and start hunting for a new and better girlfriend to cheer your life.

1. Right Timing: Keep in mind that the right timing is very important when it comes to announce a break up with your girlfriend. She will be able to accept it if it is spoken on the right time, else it might make the situation very awkward for both of you. Don’t announce it on a special day; else you might have to pay for it.

2    2.  Right Venue: Also, pay attention to choose the right venue, where you wish to tell her that you no longer wish to be with her as a boyfriend. Make sure not to break up at your own or her place, else she might not be able to accept it and start shouting or throw your valuable things too.

3. Be Straight Forward: Instead of making her suspicious and curious about what is going in your mind, be straight forward and declare it without wasting much time. Also, tell about the breakup yourself and not convey through a friend, else it might become embarrassing for you.

     4. Be Calm: Be calm and be prepared of even the worst of reactions while declaring breakup with her. She might cry, shout or even tear your clothes away in anger. So, it is very important that you maintain your calm and patience and let her anger cool down, so that it all over for once and all.

    5. Convince Her: It is very important that you convince her about your decision to breakup, so that she doesn’t keep bothering you or talk ill about you with your common friends. Once she is convinced that it is better to part ways than stretching it to nowhere, you can even remain good friends after breakup.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to Lose Your Virginity Without Pain?

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Whether you agree or not, a majority of girls do have the fear of losing virginity just because they think it will be very painful. So, if you too hesitate in taking that intimate first step with your lover thinking of the pain, then read on to know how to lose your virginity without pain and only pleasure.

1.      Visit a Drugstore: The first tip for a virgin who is afraid of pain is to visit a nearby and good drugstore. Make sure to get the required products to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Don’t be shy in even asking some queries if possible from the chemist or doctor. Products like lubricants might come in very handy for you if you are a virgin.

2.      Research Details About Hymen: For a virgin it is a must to know about hymen, so that she knows what will actually happen during love making. Chances are that the hymen is already broke due to sports activities or rigorous activities like swimming, horse riding, then it will not be painful at all for the virgin. In case it is not broken, then slight pain might be there with a little bleeding during penetration.

3.      Examine Your Body Yourself: No one else will be able to help you out better than you yourself during your first love making experience if you are a virgin. Better take time to examine your body and intimate parts yourself to get acquainted in a better way.

4.      Talk To Your Lover: It is very important to talk about all your concerns regarding love making especially if you are a virgin who is scared of pain. If your partner really loves you, he will understand it and will try to make your more comfortable in the best possible way.

5.      Choose A Serene Location: Location does plays a vital role especially if it is your first experience in love making with a virgin. Try your best to choose a place that she will like and it should be serene and less noisy, so that she gets better intimated with you.

6.      Be In A Relaxed Mood: A perfect and relaxing mood is very essential to make the whole process painless for a virgin. The lighter the mood, the more painless she will feel during her first experience in love making.

7.      Aftercare is Important: Once you are through with it and suffering from some pain or bleeding, then a proper aftercare is very important. Make sure to take rest and also a pain killer after consulting from a chemist or doctor. Also, pay attention to your hygiene and clean up if required.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tips on How To Make Love to a Virgin

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So, you are excited to get intimate with your girl but worried at the same hand because she is a virgin? It might turn out to be a nightmare for many men to make love to an inexperienced virgin for the very first time, so we thought of sharing some useful tips on how to make love to a virgin with fun and full passion.

1. Kiss Her and Make Her Comfortable: The best tip when you are going to make love to a virgin is to make her comfortable by kissing and touching her sensitively. She should feel at ease in your arms and not be afraid of you in any sense. The more comfortable you will make her with your love, the more pleasurable and easy it will be for both of you.

2. Never Criticize or Tease Her: Another tip to make love to a virgin is to never tease her or criticize her if she is not able to do it. Instead take it lightly and make her laugh, so as to ease her off tension or any worry regarding it.

3. Give Her Time: Don’t rush into it and make it a disaster both for her and you. Take time and take it easy without any tension. Remember, this may be your first chance but it is not going to be your last chance.

4. Let Her Explore Herself: Instead of you taking the first step, first let her explore her own body herself. This way, she will know exactly what to do and how to do in a painless and more pleasurable way. If possible bring her some video clips to show what it is all about.

5. Be With Her Physically and Emotionally: Last but not the least, always be with her both emotionally as well as physically. It is very important that she remains in confidence, no matter whether you both are able to do it or not. Just a little push from you will take her or let her down to a great extent.

7 Love Tips for Newlyweds

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Every newly wed imagines a rosy and romantic newly married life but it might not be so, if you are unaware of small love tips. So, here we are to enlighten you with some interesting and very useful Love Tips for Newlyweds to start on with their newly married life with a bang and pleasure unlimited.

1. Touch Therapy: The first love trick that will surely work for you and your newly wed partner is the touch therapy. Yes, as much as you both will touch each other, the better it will be for your love bond. Just a simple hug, kiss or touch will do the magic in your newly married life, so just try it and see the wonders.

2. Increase the Physical Hold: Experts feel that the physical hold increases the intimacy level between newlyweds, so why not give it a try? Just increase the physical touch and hold on tight on your partner, when the two of you are alone in your bedroom, kitchen or lobby. This will surely light up the romantic spark between you two newlyweds.

3. Be Open and Talk About Sex: Now, that you are married, you need to be a little bolder and openly speak about sex and pleasure with your partner. In fact, the sooner you will be open about it, the better you will feel especially during your honeymoon and your first night.

4. Discover Yourself: Another useful tip for newly weds to add on more excitement in their love life is to indulge in self discovery. Take time out to discover your own sensitive body parts and where you would like your partner to touch you and caress you and then communicate the same to your life partner and have fun.

5. Give Love Priority: Newly married life is not all about love and romance but make an effort to give your life partner the priority and giving everything less importance. Keep in mind that once your life partner is in your hold due for want of love, everything will automatically fall in order in your newly married life.

6. Add Excitement: It is also very important to add excitement and passion in your married life every now and then with little things like shaking each other or taking a hot tub bath together with your newly wed partner. Things small things do add excitement and will make your partner want you more and more.

7. Stay Fit and Maintain Yourself: Remember the charm might get lost out of your newly married life, if you don’t pay attention to yourself. In other words, attract your life partner by staying fit and also by dressing up well in the manner he or she desires to see you.