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Sunday, June 2, 2013

7 Things Not to Tell Your Hubby

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It is true that we are told that don’t hide anything from your husband or man in order to live a happy married life. But, yes there are certain things that are better kept hidden from these egoistic men just to live happily and what are these things. Read on to learn 7 things that you should not tell your hubby.

  1. The first thing not to tell your hubby ever is that, “My mother warned me you would do this!” Believe it or not, this statement will at once make your hubby go red with anger, as these men are sensitive when they are teased by their wife’s mother.

  1. Second blunder not to share with your husband for a peaceful married life is a comment on his dressing sense like, “Do you really think these clothes suit you?”

  1. Don’t also hurt your husband by pointing silly question about his job like, “When are you going to look for a new job?” Men just hate it when women interfere in their professional life.

  1. Fourth thing not to tell your hubby ever is the most common thing wives usually do say like, “Just leave it, I will manage it myself”. This statement just provokes the male ego and the consequences are always bad.

  1. Fifth thing that you are advised not to share with your husband is a lie about your sex life, such as telling him that “Yes, I had an orgasm”, when the reality is that you didn’t have any.

  1. Don’t use statements like “You Always….” Or “You Never…”, as these classified comments just hurt men deep inside and they find their morals down by such statements from their wives.

  1. Last but the most important thing that a wife should not tell her husband is the common comment, “Please watch over kids but don’t do this or that.” Men feel that you consider them less responsible by saying so.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7 Kissing Secrets That You Don’t Know

Kissing Tips, Love Secrets, Kissing Tips for Lovers, Innovative Tips to Kiss

Kissing is an art and no one is born perfect with it only experience and expertise makes a person a perfect kisser. We just thought of some kissing secrets that are worth sharing with you so that you are able to become a perfect kisser.

  1. Number of Nerve Endings: You might not be aware that your lips are the most sensitive part of your body with a number of nerve endings in them. So, the most sensuous kiss you give your partner, the more inclined will he or she be towards you.
  2. Long Steamy Kissing: A majority of men prefer getting a long and a steamy kiss from their partner. This actually helps that be immediately prepared for an intimate sex experience.
  3. Open Mouth Kissing: Another kissing secret is that usually men like open mouth kissing to increase their sexual desires instantly.
  4. Kissing Percentage: About 25% of men say that like kissing other girls, while this number decreases tremendously between the age of 25 to 34.
  5. Pressing the hips: Pressing the hips while kissing makes the men even more romantic. Women on the other hand, like getting that touch and feel during kissing.
  6. Sucking the Earlobes: Believe it or not, sucking your guy’s earlobes will make you more desirable for him in foreplay. You in fact, will earn more love from him by arousing love in him through his ears.
  7. Kiss at the Neck: Usually, kissing on the neck is like showing your desperation for your partner to stay on, so the next time you get a kiss on the neck, understand the hidden meaning.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Secrets that Women Hide from Men

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· Past Love Affairs: The top most secret that is kept by women is the knowledge of their past love affairs. You will hardly find some women who share the details of their past love affairs with their current partner. They know revealing this will make their man jealous or suspicious, so no use telling them about their past affairs.

· Your Money Expenditure: Second most common secret that women keep from men is the way they spend the money. Women usually like shopping and they sometimes overspend on shopping spending too much money, so they tend to hide their money expenditure from men.

· Your Feelings for His Family: Women also like keeping their true feelings about their boyfriend’s or husband’s family hidden in their heart. They will only reveal the feelings when they will get it really tuff to adjust with them. They also hide their feelings thinking you will think that she wants you to choose between her and your family.

· Flirtations: You may very well guess, that no women leaks out about her flirtatious nature in front of her man, so watch it! She might be flirting with your neighbor but she will not reveal it to you keeping it a secret.

· Thought About Your Gift: Another secret that women usually hide from men is what they feel about the gift you present them on special occasions. Even if terribly dislike your gift, they will keep it a secret from you.

Things that Men Hide from Women

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· Crush on your Friend: The top most thing that men hide from women is the fact that they actually had a crush on your friend. Sometimes, men like your friend more than you but they hide it from you thinking that it will hurt you.

· Bad Habits of their Friends: Men are also found hiding the bad habits of their friends from you. The main reason for keeping it a secret is that they feel you will restrict your meeting with their those friends after knowing about their bad habits.

· Porn Movie Watching: It is a fact known that almost all men like watching porn movies. In spite of this fact, men try to keep it a secret from their women. They think that this will cast a bad impression on their women that they like watching vulgarity.

· Past Love Affairs: Another secret that men keep from women is the knowledge of their past love affairs. Not just men, even women do the same about their past affairs. They both feel that sharing this knowledge will make arise the feeling of jealousy in their partner.

· Date with a Hot Female Bartender: Men also hide their date with a hot female bartender. Obviously, you can think of the reasons for hiding these details. In fact, no man will reveal such personal information about their hot dates.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5 Hot Sex Tips

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1. Bedroom Massage: How about surprising and relaxing your partner with a hot massage all over his or her body? Just give your spouse a body treat by moving your fingers and hands all over the body in a slow motion. Women can rub their boobs against their inner thighs and genitals to arouse them in a perfect way.

2. Get Naughty in Bathtub: Another sex tip for those in love is to get naughty in the bathtub. It is the easiest way to have fun when noone is at home. Just make the environment in bathroom sexy by using aroma candles and adding lavender oil drops, sandalwood oil drops in the bathtub to make your foreplay exciting in the bathtub.

3. Wear Sexiest Outfits: You can attract any man with a little exposure and it can be done to a great extent with your own man. Yes, you got it right, just choose to wear the sexiest outfits to boost his sexual urge. You too will feel sexy and your man won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

4. Finger Food Foreplay: You will be amazed to see how your sex life spices up with a finger food foreplay. Just remove utensils for a dinner and try feeding each other with your body parts. This is a sensual way of foreplay that will make both of you striving for each other every second.

5. Touch His Penis: A sure shot shortcut for a hot sex is to touch his penis with softness and arousing it with a gentle touch of your assets. Rub your cheeks against it to make your man feel pampered. You may also plant wet kisses on it to make your man go mad for you with love.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 Sex Cravings of All Men

Are you still not sure of the secret sex cravings of your man? Then, don't puzzle yourself anymore, read on to learn about the 5 sex cravings every man has in him. Reading these 5 sex cravings, you will get the secret of what men actually want.

1. Men want a woman who can turn herself on: Whether you agree or not, men are always seeking a woman who can turn herself on to shower her love on them. They want a sexually charged woman as their sex partner.

2. Men want a fun sex: Majority of men want their sex experience to be a fun experience. They don't want a boring sex life. So, the key is to spice up the sex life in a fun way by trying out some sexual favors or sex games.

3. Men want to watch their sex: This is a big truth that men like watching themselves doing sex with their partner. So, try to do sex in front of a mirror to make him feel proud of his manly power in terms of sex.

4. Men want to be naughty: Another sex craving of men is that they like being naughty in sex. They like to play with the soft assets of their woman in a naughty way. So, don't stop them from being naughty in bed.

5. Men want to take you: Another secret craving of men is that they want their woman to show the desire of take me. They want that their woman show their irresistibility for them. So, try to show him that you want him to take you.

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