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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flirting Tips for Men and Women

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Flirting is a skill that can be easily learnt to get the person or your choice. Since, not all people are born flirts, this art of flirting can be learnt by following simple tips. Flirting is not always bad, it can be good if you want to enjoy the company of someone you like. So, here are some easy to follow flirting tips for men and women.

· Remember that flirting is an art in which you should show your best features. Show off your muscles and sexy legs to get on the person you want to flirt with.

· Always make sure to wear your best clothes from your closet to make an irresistible impression on the one you want to flirt with.

· Self-confidence is the key to flirt successfully with a man or a woman of your choice. Just be bold enough to be yourself in front of the person and see how easily you succeed in flirting.

· Pat attention to your body language that speaks and in fact conveys what is there in your mind. Bring in some impressions in your eyes that you can’t speak with lips. The other person will read your intentions with your body language.

· For God sake don’t stink when you wish to flirt, as this will never bring the two of you together even if you have a perfect look and gestures. Smell good in breath and also use a sensuous perfume.

· Avoid those commonly repeated pick-up lines to flirt and impress the person you are eyeing upon. Be inventive and use your own intelligent opening line to start off a conversation and grab her attention.

· Remember, a good sense of humor is always enjoyed by both men and women. Use it to make the other person comfortable but don’t be cheap or offensive in cracking a joke.

· The key to a perfect flirting is a constant eye contact while conversing. Make sure to look straight in the eyes of the person while talking and see how he or she feels and then act accordingly.

· Lastly, shower genuine compliments to win the heart of the person you want to flirt with. This will create a kind of liking in that person for you.

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Adelaine said...

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