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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seduction Tips for Women

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Unlike the earlier days, today even women are looking for new and romantic ways of seducing men. It’s not a difficult task for women to seduce men, as it is for men to seduce women, but there are some things that if taken in account will help getting the desired male attention. Here are some tried and tested seduction tips for women who wish to seduce the man of their dreams in the best possible way.

· Smell Great: First of all keep in mind to smell good while going ahead to seduce a man of your dreams, as no may likes being with a foul smelling woman. Shower a nice talcum or spray a fresh smelling perfume or deodorant before going for a date with your guy.

· Feel Sexy: Another seduction tip for women is to feel sexy to attract the men. Feel sexy by being confident as men like confident women who are ready to lead them in sex and love life. Do get all your unwanted hair waxed as this will help seducing men in a great way.

· Surprise Him: Surprises and surprises are always liked by men of all ages. So, keep in mind to seduce him with a perfect surprise. You can surprise him by joining him in the shower or by offering him to wash his back or hair. This surprise will turn out in a play with soap and will attract him more towards you.

· Use your Imagination: Use your imagination to the best extent to seduce your guy. Try thinking of some creative and romantic ways to attract him. Show your daring spirit as this is one of the best ways to attract a guy. Instead of waiting for him to make the first move, you take the first move and see how easily he gets seduced by you.

· Be playful: Lastly, be playful to seduce men. Market is full of adult games to make couples indulge in fun and sexy games. Try it and you will yourself realize how playful the time will be spent with your dream guy with such adult fun games.


cletsey said...

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Adelaine said...

To seduce a woman you will first need to understand her point of view and then proceed accordingly, not only to obtain your own objectives, but for your mutual satisfaction and fulfillment. Because women want to be seduced and they want to have sex as much as men, they just want it on their own terms.

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Adelaine said...

You want to be able to pick which guy you want to be, with whatever woman you want. You don't want to be one of those guys crying and begging a woman because she won't return your call/text after you've slept with her. And Flirt Body Language is all you need.

mbs-unlimited said...

Those are five excellent seduction tips that women can use to seduce the men they want.

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Adelaine said...

Never try to be funny if you suck at it or if you are too drunk to mind what you are saying. More than anything else, do not try to make seemingly humorous racial, religious or gender remarks in approaching women. Comments like those are absolutely not funny.

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John Smith said...

Thanks for the post. Now, I know what are the best seduction secrets and tips. I will try to apply this on my girlfriend. And hopefully it will work. ;)

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