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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seduction Tips for Men

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Whether you agree or not, seducing a woman is not that easy unless you know the right ways to seduce a woman. There are some set of rules that may help you a lot in seducing the woman you like. Read on our tried and tested seduction tips that men have tried and seduced their dream women.

· Smell Good: A good date may turn sour if your smell bad. She may be about to kiss you but might be turned off due to your bad smell. Just smell good to seduce her. You may wear a exotic perfume or use a mouth freshener for a perfect smell on a date to seduce your lady love.

· Be Confident: Be confident and your half battle for seducing the lady is over. Yes, ladies like men who are confident. This is one quality that no woman can resist. She may come to her knees seeing to be with you once she notices your confident attitude, but make sure not to be over confident too.

· Dress Smartly: Much of your success in seducing a woman on a date depends on the way you dress up. Remember, that for a woman dressing sense can make or mar your first impression. Women like smartly dressed men and are easily seduced by them. Just try to wear clothes that compliment your own personality and see the woman’s reaction.

· Make Sensual Touch: Men you can easily seduce the lady of your dream by making a sensual touch. Remember, that women like to be touched and pampered by men, so take the advantage and leave them craving for your touch with a sensual touch. However, make sure to touch her at the right place and get set for a romantic night.

· Your Feet In Her Shoes: Another great way of seducing a woman is placing your feet in her shoes. Yes, this might sound funny to many of your but believe me it works. It is a tried and tested technique for seducing a woman. This works because women are sensitive and are easily seduced with a warm touch like on feet.


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