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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 Body Language Tips to Attract a Woman

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It’s true that half of your battle to win a woman end with your great communication skills. But, there is something else you need to work o and it’s the body language. Non-verbal body actions can tell a lot to women about you. So, here are 5 great tips that will tell you how to attract women with apt body language.

1. Avoid Weak Body Language: The first foremost step in attracting a woman is to eradicate your weak body language. You might not know but women can instantly judge where you are confident or not with your body language. Avoid body languages like:
. Slumping your head or shoulder down,
. Leaning towards women while talking,
. Not taking sup space,
. Talking to people with arms folded,
. Walking fast everywhere.

2. Be Relaxed: Show off your confidence in approaching a woman by being relaxed and without any anxiety. Remember, women like confident men with cool attitude. Few things you can do to show that you are relaxed:
. Fixing yours eyes or concentrating on the person with whom you converse,
. Never darting eyes around to search someone,
. Leaning back in comfort while talking to women,
. Breathing through stomach and not chest.

3. Taking up space: Third body language to attract women is to not to be afraid of others in public. Women have a liking for men who can face social situation with confidence. Whether buying a movie ticket or crossing a road, women notices all that men do with their body languages, so pay attention and remove those slow moves instead show dominance and leadership.

4. Facing away from women: Another great way of attracting women with body language is to face away from them. This may sound strange, but it’s true that women often feel uncomfortable if you straightaway go to them and invade their personal space. So, instead of approaching her by straight away going close to her, give her ease by maintaining some distance.

5. You move deliberately: Last but not the least, attract her by your deliberate move. Women like men who are always ready to help those in need and dislike those who hesitate in helping anyone. So, show your confidence self and not your inferior personality next time you see someone in need.


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