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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Romance Enhancers for Honeymoon

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So, you finally, got tied in the nuptial knot and thinking how to make your honeymoon romantic? Aromas, colors, tastes and many other things together can be romantic enhancers for a memorable occasion as honeymoon. Read on to know about some romance enhancers for your honeymoon.

· Aroma Candles: Make the special occasion like honeymoon more special with aroma candles. These candles can convert any room in a love paradise with their aroma and sensual glow.

· Bubble Bath: Just plunge into a bathtub for that closeness with your partner during your honeymoon. In short go for a bubble bath together, a perfect romantic enhancer for newlyweds.

· Massage Lotion: Another romantic enhancer for honeymoon is a massage lotion. Just use it after a bubble bath together with your spouse to see how romantic you feel with the fragrance and soothing massage of this lotion when applied by your partner.

· Lingerie: This is one thing that is not to be missed during honeymoon as a romantic enhancer. Try taking some exotic and stylish lingerie with you for those lovemaking moments, also wear them under your special dresses for dinner.

· Sex Toys: Try to get charged romantically using sex toys during your honeymoon. Don’t forget to remove the batteries before packing for honeymoon else these toys might not work when you will want them to work.

· Erotic Movies: How about watching some erotic movies together to get romantically stimulated? You got it, do carry some erotic movie CDs along for your honeymoon as a romantic enhancer.

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