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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tips for a Passionate French Kiss

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You might have dreamt of sharing a romantic and passionate French kiss with your lover but stopped yourself thinking how to do it actually. So, we thought of sharing some useful tips for a passionate French kiss.

· The first and the foremost tip for a passionate French kiss is that you need to be well groomed with a proper bath, and brushed teeth, else your partner will dread to kiss you.

· Sit or stand in a comfortable posture so that you enjoy kissing and don’t feel like when it is going to be over. The best way would be to sit side by side on a couch.

· When seated in a comfortable position, hold your lover firmly but not harshly. Try to hold the shoulders or waist and bring her or him close to you.

· When you feel it is the right moment, bring your face towards the face of your partner and avoid hitting the noses. Try to bend your face slightly to avoid hitting the noses.

· First enjoy a passionate lip kiss by closing the eyes, as closing the eyes sets the mood right with sensations.

· Then, try the French kiss by slowly drawing your tongue across your partner’s lips. Once you will do so, your partner will also reciprocate and do the same.

· Remember, that the tongue is very sensitive and therefore you can enjoy a passionate French kiss only through this organ.

· Once you feel tired licking each other’s tongue, try sucking it and gently playing with it. Remember, not to bite it in any case, else you will spoil the kiss.

· Try to enjoy a French kiss by exploring the sensations lightly and not by rounding the tongue over and over again.


coolbird said...

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