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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips To Escape A Bad Date

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When we plan for a date we never think that it will go bad and we will have to think for some excuses to leave it. But, anything can happen so you should know some useful tips for escaping a bad date.

· The first tip for leaving a bad date would be to sweetly tell him or her that it was nice meeting him or her but you think that he or she is someone’s else’s perfect date and not yours.

· You can also irritate your bad date to leave you on her or his own by talking about your early plans for marriage and kids. This will make her or him quickly leave you.

· Another way of escaping a bad date is to make an excuse to leave. You may try these excuses like your boss is put of town and you need to go for an urgent work. Try to use such an excuse that doesn’t invite your date to accompany you.

· You can also escape your bad date by leaving for restroom. Try this tip only when no other excuse works. Doing this will irritate your date and you will get free of her or him easily.

· A great tip for escaping a bad date is asking your friend to call you at a certain point of time as an emergency call that calls your presence. This way you can leave your bad date instantly.

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