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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Five types of Women that Men Avoid

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It’s not always the girls choice in choosing a boy, even boys have certain parameters to choose a girl. Not all types of girls attract boys, there are certain types of girls that a boy usually avoids. Read on to know five types of women that a man avoid.

1. Over Smart Ladies: Men do like women who have the courage to say what they feel but they tend to avoid those women who are over smart. Women who try to outshine men with their verbal wits often frustrate a man.

2. Extravagant Ladies: Another type of women that men try to avoid are those who try to make the men spend lofty amounts on dates. Men simply hate extravagant women for many reasons.

3. Judgmental Ladies: Men also try to avoid women who think they are always right. In other words, men avoid judgmental ladies who are always ready to judge a person according to their own point of views.

4. Psycho Ladies: Another type of women that men always avoid are psycho women. Which man would like to love a woman who is a psyche? No man wants a lady who is always too emotional about herself, her family or her business. They feel these women are too obsessed with other things.

5. Rebound Ladies: Men like women who do naughty things but they get irritated when the limit goes off and this is the case with rebound ladies. These ladies try to bully men in every possible way that makes men avoid them.

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