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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Five types of Men that Women Avoid

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Women have their own likings when it comes to choose a man for themselves. They just don’t want a guy who loves them, but a guy who is fully devoted to them. Here is a list of five types of men that women generally avoid dating.

1. Mamma’s Boys: The first sort of guy a girl will always try to avoid is a mamma’s boy. No woman wants to date or love a guy who hasn’t grown up fully and still depends on his mom for everything. Mamma’s boys are usually avoided by women.

2. Womanizer: Womanizer is another kind of a man that a woman generally tends to avoid dating. Though such men look perfect as lovers but in the long run their too much attention also irritates women and they start thinking how to get rid of such a man.

3. Body Builder: It’s true that most of the women get attracted to those men having well built muscular body with six pack abs but the reality changes if those men are too conscious about their body and gyming. Women tend to avoid such men who can give up anything but not their exercising or body building workouts.

4. Workaholic: Women avoid men who are workaholics. They want a man to pay attention towards them and not always busy in his own work. They tend to get pissed off with such workaholic men for whom only work matters most.

5. College Lecturer: This one may sound funny but it’s true that no woman likes dating a college lecturer. Reason is simple enough that they don’t want to listen to his lecturers all throughout the date. The case might be different provided the lecturer is too handsome to resist.


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