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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tips for a Romantic First Kiss

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So, you want to have your first romantic kiss with your partner this Valentines Day or for that matter on your birthday? Kissing for the first time has its own pleasure and excitement. The experience can be turn out to be the moment of your life if you know how to go for the first kiss. So, read some tips for a romantic first kiss.

· Be Comfortable: The first tip for a romantic first kiss is to be comfortable. Worrying and sweating before the first kiss will show that you are nervous and might make the other person either laugh or nervous too. Instead of feeling the pressure, feel the pleasure of the kiss and just follow the flow.

· Smell Good: The magic of your first kiss depends on how you smell. Be it a man or a woman, none likes foul smelling kissing partner. So, smell good, spray a good fragrant deodorant or perfume and also use a mouth freshener for a perfect breath. If you will smell good, you both will enjoy the first kiss.

· Choose The Right Place: To make the memories of your first kiss last forever, make sure to choose the right place. A perfect romantic ambience will add to the magic of the first kiss. Go for a place where you both can spend time alone with soft music and dim light at the background.

· Choose The Right Time: After choosing the right place, choose the right time for that first kiss with your partner. The perfect time for the first kiss is when you both are immersed in each other’s eyes for a long time without uttering a single word. However, avoid being hasty in kissing.

· Make Sure Your Partner Is Ready: Before proceeding for your romantic first kiss this Valentines Day, make sure that your partner is ready for it. Instead of asking, just go for it seeing her willingness by leaning a little bit closer to her or him and wait for a few seconds, proceed only if he or she is not pushing you off or getting hesitated.

· How To Kiss: Remember, the key to enjoy a perfect passionate romantic kiss is to go slowly. Make sure your partner feels comfortable and for this hold him or her gently and kiss light and soft. First of all, just rub your lips gently with his or her lips to see how your partner reacts and then proceed accordingly.

· After Kissing: Once you are through with your first ever romantic kiss, hold on your partner for few moments. Now, observe what he or she is wishing to do and if he or she wants to be in the same position, then enjoy the closeness in that pose for some more time and see how special you both feel after the first kiss.


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Bob Hurt said...

First Romantic Kiss
Copyright © 14 September 2011 by Bob Hurt. All rights reserved.
In hushed and velvet dark of sultry night,
My mind awhirl in urgent, fearsome fright,
Just shortly after we as one did dance,
She and I, we saw and took our chance,
I embraced her, breasts and waist and all,
She somewhat short, I somewhat tall,
On the walk beside the park, senses so alight,
In hushed and velvet dark of sultry night
I her hungry lips did kiss and kiss,
Then stumbled home in shock and yearning bliss.
And thus began my hunger and my thirst
For kisses of which this became my first.

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