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Friday, January 30, 2009

Things to Remember Before Going on a Blind Date

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So, you have been chatting and talking with that special someone for many days and now it’s time to meet him or her for real? Yes, it’s time for your blind date and you are excited and nervous for it. Don’t be nervous, just follow these Things to Remember Before Going on a Blind Date and make it a memorable moment.

Tips for Women
· Location: The first and the foremost thing to remember before going on a blind date is to select a proper location. Try to choose a public restaurant for the first blind date to be at a safer side. In case, your blind date turns out to be a nightmare, you can leave and even feel protected amidst crowd.

· Money: Don’t forget to carry some cash or credit cards while going on for a blind date. You never know the guy with whom you are going on a blind date may come empty handed, so carry your own money to avoid getting disappointed.

· Cell Phone: Remember, smart ladies do carry their cell phones wherever they go, be it a blind date. Moreover, you cell phone may come at your rescue in case your date turns out to be with someone wrong.

Tips for Men:
· Manners: We know being a man, you might look at other pretty faces around, but when you are on a blind date, do so only when the date is not interesting enough. Else, show your manners by being focused on the date itself.

· Time: The key to make your blind date crave for you would be not to come on time. Make her anxious and wait for you for at least some time. Else, she might take you for granted seeing your punctuality.

· Condoms: Not only men, even women these days should carry condoms before going on a blind date. You never know things might turn too romantic, so you should always be ready with all the precautions.