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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Types of Romantic Kisses – Part 1

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Ask anyone about what is the best way to show your love and the prompt reply you would get is a kiss! Yes, kissing has its own importance in expressing love. Check out the different types of romantic kisses to express your love in different ways.

· All Over Kiss: As the name suggests, in this kiss, the lover kisses the partner all over, starting from the forehead to the nose, lips and all over down.

· Animal Kisses: This is one of the most interesting kisses in which you just need to kiss imagining how some particular animals kiss.

· Belly Button Kiss: This is one of those romantic kisses that can never fail to impress your partner. Just gently kiss and blow on her belly button and see her giggling.

· Belly Ring Kiss: This is the kiss that is perfect for those who have girlfriends with a belly ring. For this get down on your knee and expose her belly button and kiss her belly button area in a passionate way.

· Back Kisses: Your man won’t leave you ever if you will shower these back kisses on him and pamper his back. Just make him sit comfortably and kiss him all over his lower back and neck.

· Breath Kiss: Yes, the name says it all, the breath kiss can be given by slowly drawing your partner towards you and inhaling each other’s breath and kissing the lips.

· Bubble Bath Kiss: Always given a thumbs up, bubble bath kiss is best given in a bubble bath tub. Just rub each other’s body and wash and kiss each other in the most fun way.

· Butterfly Kiss: The name is funny and so is the kiss. In butterfly kiss, the partners need to bring the face straight towards each other and close the eyes and kiss with immense passion.

· Bubble Gum Kiss: Simply blow your favorite bubble gum and ask your lover to put his or her mouth over the bubble blown by you and then start kissing.

· Bottom Lip Kiss: Counted in the gentlest kisses, bottom lip kiss is done by sucking each other’s lower lip in a passionate way. This is a very intense kissing type for lovers.