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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Top Reasons to Marry or not to Marry

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Are you one of those eligible bachelors or spinsters? Then, many times you might have come across a suitable match for you and thought whether to marry or not to marry that person. So, here we are telling you about some reasons to marry or not to marry.

Top Reasons for Man to Marry a Woman:

· Men often miss the motherly love when they grow old and have to live somewhere else for career, so they want to marry to receive that motherly love from their spouse.
· Men also like to marry for having a lifetime companion.
· It might sound strange but often men want to marry to feel proud to see a woman getting pregnant by them.
· Then there are men who like to marry to get endless love and care from a woman.

Top Reasons for Woman to Marry a Man:

· In many cases, women think of marrying a man for escaping from their parents.
· Women often also like to marry to get the love of a man throughout their life.
· Then there are women who like to marry to give birth to children.
· Women often desire to marry a person who would give him freedom in career.


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Omar Faruque said...

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