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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

10 Sexy Style of Kissing

Kissing is an integral part of love making for any couple but if done always in a boring way, then love can lose its charm. Try out these 10 amazing sexy styles of kissing next time to surprise and rekindle your love life with no additional efforts.

      1. Foot Kiss: This is one of the most erotic types of kissing a lover can give to arouse romantic sensation in the partner. A foot kiss is done by giving a toe kiss gently sucking the toes and then kissing the foot.

      2. Freeze Kiss: If you are one of those who like experimenting in love. Just have a small piece of ice in mouth and kiss your partner while passing the ice using your tongue to your partner. Believe us, this is going to be a sexy style of getting intimate.

       3.  Eskimo Kiss: Just imagine you and your lover to be Eskimos and indulge in a strange yet amazing kissing style. This is a cute type of kiss in which you both just need to be so close to each other than even air cant pass through and gently rub your nose together to feel the affection.

    4. Hot & Cold Kiss: This one is a really sexy type of kissing style in which you just need to first lick your partner’s lips to generate warmth and then blow to make the lips feel suddenly cold with a sensual feel.

     5. Mistletoe Kiss: Believe it this is going to be a great way of stealing a moment of love from your lover, no matter how busy he or she is. Just gently kiss under the mistletoe of your lover and arouse those romantic sensations within seconds.

     6. Reverse Lips Kiss: Done is a strange yet lovely way, in this kissing, you just need to stand above your lover and kiss him right over from his hear. Make sure to gently nibble and such while kissing from this angle to make the lips more sensitive.

     7. Sip Kiss: Adventurous lovers must try out the sip kiss by first taking a small sip of a tempting drink and then leaving its traces on the lips before kissing the partner to pass its taste in a sensational way to the partner as well.

          8. Talking Kiss: This is a naughty type of kissing in which you just need to whisper some sweet words in your partner’s mouth while kissing. Your lover will surely love to listen those lovely words while kissing you.

      9. Vacuum Kiss: As the name suggests, this is a kind of kiss in which you must tightly suck while kissing the partner holding him or her close to you. This is an open mouthed kiss and one of the most ultimate ones for new lovers.

    10. Earlobe Kiss: Girls surely love this gentle kiss on their earlobes and guys go crazy too when their girl friends give this earlobe kiss in a gentle way. However, make sure not to be loud while kissing in this style that is close to ears.

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