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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to Lose Your Virginity Without Pain?

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Whether you agree or not, a majority of girls do have the fear of losing virginity just because they think it will be very painful. So, if you too hesitate in taking that intimate first step with your lover thinking of the pain, then read on to know how to lose your virginity without pain and only pleasure.

1.      Visit a Drugstore: The first tip for a virgin who is afraid of pain is to visit a nearby and good drugstore. Make sure to get the required products to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Don’t be shy in even asking some queries if possible from the chemist or doctor. Products like lubricants might come in very handy for you if you are a virgin.

2.      Research Details About Hymen: For a virgin it is a must to know about hymen, so that she knows what will actually happen during love making. Chances are that the hymen is already broke due to sports activities or rigorous activities like swimming, horse riding, then it will not be painful at all for the virgin. In case it is not broken, then slight pain might be there with a little bleeding during penetration.

3.      Examine Your Body Yourself: No one else will be able to help you out better than you yourself during your first love making experience if you are a virgin. Better take time to examine your body and intimate parts yourself to get acquainted in a better way.

4.      Talk To Your Lover: It is very important to talk about all your concerns regarding love making especially if you are a virgin who is scared of pain. If your partner really loves you, he will understand it and will try to make your more comfortable in the best possible way.

5.      Choose A Serene Location: Location does plays a vital role especially if it is your first experience in love making with a virgin. Try your best to choose a place that she will like and it should be serene and less noisy, so that she gets better intimated with you.

6.      Be In A Relaxed Mood: A perfect and relaxing mood is very essential to make the whole process painless for a virgin. The lighter the mood, the more painless she will feel during her first experience in love making.

7.      Aftercare is Important: Once you are through with it and suffering from some pain or bleeding, then a proper aftercare is very important. Make sure to take rest and also a pain killer after consulting from a chemist or doctor. Also, pay attention to your hygiene and clean up if required.

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