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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things that Men Hide from Women

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· Crush on your Friend: The top most thing that men hide from women is the fact that they actually had a crush on your friend. Sometimes, men like your friend more than you but they hide it from you thinking that it will hurt you.

· Bad Habits of their Friends: Men are also found hiding the bad habits of their friends from you. The main reason for keeping it a secret is that they feel you will restrict your meeting with their those friends after knowing about their bad habits.

· Porn Movie Watching: It is a fact known that almost all men like watching porn movies. In spite of this fact, men try to keep it a secret from their women. They think that this will cast a bad impression on their women that they like watching vulgarity.

· Past Love Affairs: Another secret that men keep from women is the knowledge of their past love affairs. Not just men, even women do the same about their past affairs. They both feel that sharing this knowledge will make arise the feeling of jealousy in their partner.

· Date with a Hot Female Bartender: Men also hide their date with a hot female bartender. Obviously, you can think of the reasons for hiding these details. In fact, no man will reveal such personal information about their hot dates.


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